A Photograph

I wake up with the snooze alarm blaring into my ear drums almost making me to go almost deaf in both ears. I slap the alarm hard on the top switch to shut it off completely before can get up in then out of bed. The day always starts out when I stretch out by bending over touching on over my toes with doing side twists to my right sides to lefts of my upper body. Then I jog around the house and then turned into myself to trying to run one or two laps around my houses block.

I then come back inside to gather cereal and some milk pour them together and then eat it. And at the same time I watch the morning news like on a regularly everyday task as this is what I always do everyday. Then I go to work for the money to keep me fed at home and I work there until I am the last person or guy at the job before the place closes up at the end of the night that is what I also do everyday. And when I arrive back home I open the door while both looking at the door knob and the other half of the time I just look out into the night so just in case I would not become surprised by someone who would try to threaten me or other things in that nature.

I step inside, I look at my reflection and I see you in standing in the picture frame as big as a window of a house window of my place. I take off the Jacket off my back and my hat and hung them on the coat hanger over by the door and sit down to watch the late night news and tomorrows forecasted predictions for tomorrow’s weather to be like. I sit down and watch and continue to look at your photograph in the picture frame.

After I last saw you my head or my mind it has been in a haze just has been one hazy dream as like being foggy in the night fall. The days after the time last told me something that is just to be feeling like to regret for forever and by telling you not to be walk out that door. But I now know better that before you left the room of my place and walked out of that door I now know that I could have been a much better man and not have to chased you away by causing you to walk out of that door, to only go to a new boys home and do the same to him as you had did to me or the exact opposite of all this that has been done to me you might do to them back as you did then with me just only go a little more further down the way of love and affection, giving them more faithful thoughts as you had did once to me at one time. I will still always love you forever no matter what ever has ever happened between us in the past and I hope you can accept that as I stare and talk to you the girl in the picture frame.

The phone number of you stays by my side when ever I feel like calling in which I never do not feel like doing that I just keep your number by my side for no obvious reasons or in terms of in what’s so ever no reasons in particular. In the photo I hold my hands across your stomach as you act like you are pregnant in the picture frame, as you just look down at my hands in the picture and look at your stomach some what almost bulging out only just a little bit compared to the rest of her body figure and I remember as I look at her in the picture is that I am not gone yet from her but realized now that I can still be able to function with you or with out you even if I seem to just miss you now I just have to grow up.

And I grow up into the better guy a hero a good guy that able to do anything for something or for someone if they had to do something depends on if you have the guts to do so or not, or just run from all your problems to tell myself you will only just lose if you just give up on every problem you face. Just all I have to do is to resist from everything and break away from the ropes holding me down and I will try to fight all of this off and I am very confident that I will win by only just slowly unlocking and opening the door to the new world, and the new life just back outside of that door I came in though earlier.

The End

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