More from my Secret Garden

In my secret garden I feel the safest of all with her in my own secret personal garden. I look around, and about behind me, and there she would always stand, always right behind me looking at me as usual and so on. The world outside makes cringe and makes my hairs want to stand up on their very ends, but when I’m in my secret garden I am feeling united with myself in my own secret personal garden.

In my secret garden I feel as a ruler of my life and nobody control any aspects of my life. Which for the first time I feel very free as the bees pollinating the flowers in my own secret garden, I feel as happy as I ever was and I have always felt like this outside of my own personal secret garden but I know that can feel this a lot more often when ever I would go to my very own personal secret garden.

In the secret garden is where I always want to stay, all day because that is the place that I want to be. Here in the secret garden I feel like I am at home. Feels nothing like my home, as it is without the yelling and fussing and the fighting that I would have been subjected to at my actual present home as of I currently live in, outside of the secret garden as of presently now. I feel that better off in the garden instead of anything else in the outside world.

But I see this girl sitting down knelling into the flowers but when I tried to speak up I stop myself from doing so. Because I want to know a little bit tiny bit more than I have been, by looking over there, watch for almost an hour which too feels turned into like a full day. In this beautiful day in my secret garden of mine, I go and want to stay for the time being for a little while to at least get my thoughts straight to a point.

Life outside of the garden is so boring so lifeless and when I am in my secret garden that would always try to always fall backwards in the past of days of what I do originally remember as a small boy growing in thee states of which was the great country called The United States of America of the beautiful and the home of the free and the brave. The secret garden triples my sense of security amongst that fear outside of the garden, the world outside, I feel safest as all here in my garden. And she is knelling down towards into the flowers and we both are feeling for some type of love I had asked myself earlier when I finally gathered enough nerves instead of losing my nerves and everything else in general in the presence of being inside of the secret garden.

I try to speak up but again I do not have any voice coming out, my thoughts and my throat connected to my mouth, allowing everyone and myself in everyday situations to speak and speak some more, in that he or she can either be happy by sharing their feelings and thoughts that would for the best of them or both maybe can be the end of everything to then instead creating a second cold war between two people a boy and the girl not two different counties as it is defined in a small text book that everyone reads in the history classroom or the library by pulling it off the book shelf at the library. A cold war between two people that feel same about each other in the beginning positively but is destroyed if that one person boy or girl does not receive the message correctly in their messages between two different voices a man and the girl that can’t be turned into a best of results as of being a good turn out for both sides where they both can be happy and that the rest of their life’s can be a made up fairy tale dream which only most people would or could only think about.

So for a conclusion to myself I had to do this so I can only know want could only happen to hopefully stay positive in my secret garden as I always have been in the pass when I did not feel like talking to her. I knelled right into the flowers and the days of boyhood I finally knew that always have know or known about I turned to the past now as the war is being finally over with as I lay on down with her holding while my hand and my dream of girl the best looking girl in the land of world lay here next to me of what I think is beautiful I say again “It’s over and complete and there is no way that no one I know about that could ever bring me on down ever again as sit now with her overlooking the whole world from our very own secret garden.


The End

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