Satellite Place

I went to the place where I go away far for a little while and was there is a radio that makes me want to dance. Sometimes then too the T.V. takes to places that I sometimes I may or might like. I watch the T.V. and it shows some colored photographs but sometimes the T.V. takes me places to where I have never been ever before on to such as of now I am on satellite.

I know she could maybe probably see me if I am on top of the satellite but she does not so I shout out from the top of my lungs but she still does not hear me shouting out here out there in the distance. Therefore, I decide to climb back down from space to get to know the ground a little bit more than before last time. Where the ground is not water or not flooded is where I must land.

The landing was almost disastrous just like the university professor of Harvard had said it was going to be like, but I still managed to walk myself through after the landing by getting up to walk the fields of corn and grass and shrubbery growing out of the dirt and soil. I struggled to walk through the grass tripping and falling over my feet falling over the branches on the ground now as I now enter the woods the dark trees on the either side looked as to be staring back to me. I exit out of the wooded woods and now was at someone’s ram shackled down house out there in the field a few feet I have to travel now far enough to tell the girl something that I did not before such as to tell a story in some sorts that I might tell.

I walk on to her porch I tell myself as I fell down on the first step since the board of the first step of the porch crumbled underneath my feet. I felt I was in a movie or a T.V. show that has always been on broadcast on the satellite, in the skyway where the stars live, fall, and shine so brightly above in the night sky. The second step titer- tottered, the step was creaking and cracking apart of that rotten board, and then I was on the porch of the house.

I knocked on the door hoping at least someone could be, at least at home so she may let me in, instead of not becoming accused for trespassing on his or her property. If I was accused this, it would be wrong cause there was no sign about saying of no one is allowed to be trespassing, all cause I did not see that sign anywhere of where I have already have looked and have been about. The door opens and her apparent father was standing there looking at me with the eyes brows folding as a V folding downwards to the top edge of his nose and asked me, “Why are you here?” I replied “well sir I….” Then he let me in for a glass of water and some beer and he asked me once more again, “why again are you here? Alternatively, is it because it is pass the former tolled mid-night hour? I want to know instantly like right now if possible, if you can speak boy!”

“Well Sir I said I or was going to…” He pressured me even further by an interruption of telling me “Get on with it boy. What did you want to tell me?” I quickly now had to say what I had to say, of why I came over this time of so late of an hour without any stuttering in the reply back to the question of which he kept on asking me over again and over again. Moreover, I told him that I was not seeing him at all but your daughter up stairs and he asked me why again. I told him why at the end he now finally believed what I told him, and he tries to take me up stairs. With him helping me up the stairs by just by seeing what massive scrapes, I had on my knees. However, I tell him instead, “thanks but I can help myself up on my own, I am just fine now but thanks anyway sir.” Moreover, he nods his head, and sits back down to smoke more of his Cuban cigar and drink some more of his alcoholic beer.

I finally reached her door and I wanted to appear sober to her, as boy friend and a man as of which I am. She opens the door and I tell her this story and of how of something as this which I can not remember but have forgotten then I was around in her room and I remembered and looked back at her as she was now texting on her phone in bed underneath the sheets. I remembered and I told her then of, “how would you like to be in a part of a hopefully record selling series of a writings as of which most of which all of them are always written by me and only me, and if also…” I told her “If you want to as like write your own stories that to be included in the series of writings as of what I write on my own very own, doesn’t that sound like a great idea?” She told me to have we have to sleep on it “can we sleep on it?” she asks. “Well ok”, I told her, “fine that is fine with me cause I feel that I could be very successful with all this writing, that always do when ever I am bored”, and I left. The end of the day she said no to the offer but did like what I did write, that is all that really matters to me, and I like her that comments as so I keep on writing some more, and some more randomly short stories, and poems.


The End

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