I see you

I was out on a long stroll down the happily paved avenues of the kingdom of mine, the capital city of all countries in the world. I walked down only thinking about only about yesterday of how it once was in the past and I only thought only about the things that I said before I had to let you go. I walked down along amongst the flowers with my head down low as I had felt like a total fool for being so foolish when I told you good-bye. The time for me was again to make things all right again so I would not ever regret any thing further along in the future.

I kept on walking towards your place. Passing amongst in the cold spring air and an older adult with the boom box grasped in his hands listening to old early 1980’s music that was coming out of the old dirty boom box sitting on top of his shoulder blade and looked towards me and blinking his eyes and told me, “How you do?” Moreover, he kept on walking along the sidewalk just on passing behind me.

I then saw you twirling around in your in your dress hugging yourself all over though your window. I do not know what to do when I see you hugging your gorgeous blue dress like ready to go to the prom by you just twirling and dancing with your prom dress. Therefore, I knew this was for some sweet occasion for a seventeen year old at a possible late night party of a special reason. I see you then look in the mirror to look at your body figure and your face looking back to of yourself and you smiled.

I walk over to the dimly lit lamppost with papers of local parties and local bands pasted upon the lamp, I picked up my left foot and placed my left foot shoe and perched the shoe into place against the lamppost outside of your window as I continue to look toward your window. I see you trying to fit that blue dress on without any problems. You put on the dress again you take a second another look back at your own self image such as to look at your body and your face and you are looking at yourself in the mirror with yourself in the mirror looking back at you. You smile again and you become finally satisfied with your own self-image as she walks outside of the door, walks into the foyer of the castle or mansion of which is out of centuries old of stone and brick, and she exits out of the front door.

You walk into your super extended super stretched limo and your driver drives out the back way through the large iron gates. Moreover, I kept on again walking down the lonely stretched out street or avenue, leaving away from the nearly burned out lamp post and walked towards the avenues intersection. Just only wishing that I were possibly in your near presence in your room when you were getting ready to go to the party on Elms Street and Mulberry Street.

I hoped you had of at least could of changed your mind and not at all had to bring me down to the ground as you had done that made me sad but some what only sad, only a little bit sad, cause of we are no longer going to the party together as it was supposed to be. I walk to a bench and sit down and a car pulls up from behind from back alley and the driver looked like that he driving that same limo that I had of seen at your house earlier just only like supposedly ten minutes ago. Nevertheless, the limo driver was not recognizable so walked up to the car to look.

The driver quickly sped off into the street and I had realized that the car was stolen from so I decided that I had to chase after it instead of to feel like somewhat sad for the rest of the night so I decided to run, as I have never ran before. Looked like you were hold against your will in the car as he the driver was screaming at you as you cowered into the corner of the limo. At least I reached them now instead of losing myself behind the quick limo because thankfully they were finally at a backed up intersection I began saying to myself as I went towards to bust into the limo “I hope this will work.”

I ran off the sidewalk and busted the door wide open and I could not so how believe this as if I was having a dream, as a strong force cloaked itself all over upon me with lots of rage and anger as I grabbed and launched the car thief onto the streets pavement. In addition, I looked at you, you looked at me, you apologized for things you have done, and you asked me “how can I ever repay you?” Then I woke up next morning and to my own disbelief am that, it did happen as she now slept along the on side of me in the bed in her house for the night and I smiled to myself and I went back to my sleep.

The End

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