Nothing to Fear about

“Last night was but the best night ever in the stories of where boy meets the girl and so on and so on in relationships ever in what must seem to be the global world history and I want to tell you that as I look into her brown eyes.” She stares upon me when I sit down into my car and began to travel back home to her place. She acted like she was frozen just very still and she turned her head to look away from me as she now looked out of the cars window.

I ask her a question like of “what is wrong with you? Can you tell me anything that you would like to tell me, you can tell me anything because trust in me cause I will not tell anyone if it very personal that you have been thinking about all of about only tonight or the nights before, can you tell me?” She turned her head and looked towards me she licked her lips she opened her mouth but no words came out of her mouth, she didn’t reply in her thoughts as to reply to my question. She just only turned to me and just stared at me with no judging eyes but with still brown eyes, enlarged in of fear and worry.

I realized this and then she spoke in a quite tone of voice like in a whisper. “Well it is nothing” was the only stuff she only said to me. I felt to comfort her so, at least I had to cause if I was going to be a good boyfriend to her I would have to say anything as long it was nice and kind. In addition, to be understanding cause I am like nearly a mind reader as when it is to girls because them and I know that they are always thinking the opposite from all of us people in any type of situation what is so ever in any possible way from us men always.

Therefore, I decided to say something or close to be being truthful. I had to say this as it goes as always in the following words in the order of what I had to say to her. “There is nothing to fearing about because you and I are here together, no worries about that.”

“There is no reason to be in any type of fear to be afraid because there is nothing cause it is only you and me here in my car where we will always safest of all cause you are with me in my car. You are driving with someone that you for surely know as a friend and as your own boyfriend as I am at not no type of stranger when it comes to this as the following order of which I have already presented to you so far already. I’m not a stranger when I am telling you that there is truly nothing to fear about, because there is not anything or nothing to fear for.”

“I am not telling you any lies, I am not telling any lies to you at all. I was not just now body snatched by some underground group fraction or an underground dweller monster, no not at all near to a C.H.U.D. a Cannibal Humanoid Underground Dweller that lives under the streets of the big city lights and with litter-filled streets of any great city, no at all. I am not anything as of those things. If someone came to you and make, you feel somewhat threatened or something as calling you a name that you may not like to be called. I will take care of you by taking care of that jerk or that punk, because no one has the right to treat my girl like this at all.

“I would treat you never like this at all cause even if they say if it is a right to treat everyone as a jerk or meanly. I have to say something to that, and that is I would treat you like nicely and with care instead. Because it is no use in good giving good love what so ever when it comes to be being treating you like that at all. Because everyone should treat everyone as almost like, would be in their family or their dearest and closest friends as to the phase or saying goes “do as to others.” If who are ever are not like this I would tell them to leave everybody alone, cause gives them the right to treat you like a piece of meat on a fork and fork out your feelings out of your mind. It is your right to tell me anything because I am under your commands whenever I see you. In addition, when we are going out on dates together and that is what I believe. There are no lies in this all because I tell the truth nothing but it. So there is need to fear cause it is only you and me tonight and I am taking you home tonight.”

She looks to me and says all right I believe that know thank you baby. As she lays her head on the edge of my arm as I drove further along down the street to drop her at her house. In addition, I said to myself as I did to her once more there is nothing to fear.

The End

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