The Sculpture

This is thing I am building reminds me of you. Take a walk with me down the sidewalks where people meet and come with me, to the monument I have built the monument that consists of stone from the deepest depths of my heart. The monuments power source by our own self-thoughts and I am very certain if I think about love it will turn into flowered color in the buildings interior. If tonight might be as good as I think it is, as of what I am hoping of, this night might be or will be, I have to take you into my temple of monument.

Nevertheless, to me you are my very own special monument like a structure what I call you because when you move you move slowly as a still stoned statue in the distance from far away from me. When I see you moving slowly as crawling towards me I know I want you even more than I can not even bare. So that I could not climb this monument if I did not have a small purpose or some small or large monumental reasons so, I climb my way to walk to her with no restraints with holding me back.

Her eye looks towards me, and then I see that she is looking at what have just now. What I have done was that that built a monument of my own for our very own but only knows it is uncompleted with other pieces and other parts that are needing to be added but it is missing from the puzzle like missing pieces from a puzzle box that is just like my building of my monument. She comes my way with ocean breezes that make her hair float very still blowing in the wind over by sea in this city by the sea. She talks to me, I speed faster into love, my thoughts are traveling faster, and where my heart beats, and it too is traveling ever faster. I grasp to her body and my monument maybe to being the final puzzle piece that I would want or need so to complete my monument. She bends over to pick up her jacket, puts it on herself, and sings a tune randomly to me and the wind blew and I turned to work onto the building of the rest of my monument.

She helps me out some more so I can complete this magnificent structure of a monument. She tells me where to go to place things, into place on the monument so this thing can be stronger which for a long run makes the both us working together stronger than anything else in this world until we are finished and done completely on building the tower of a monument. I and only she shared on that.

This structure was been built out of many stories to tell about such like hard work, faith, love, and devotion in which, what this monument is built out of. She takes me under her arms and has me finish the monument. The sculpture which I have to dedicate to her at the end but when I am then done but when I’m finished she was not there any longer so in her memory. I dedicate this monument to her and only her cause she was the one that I felt closest towards as she must of have had nothing else for me and so she being missing and I miss her deeply. I so miss her so, but I feel that I will find her again, so I must be positive that this will eventually happen again sometime in the future in the long run for me.

The End

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