My Secret Garden

Talking a stroll though my own private garden checking out the sea and the scene in my favorite place that I would always go to or towards when I want a short vacation from everything such as people and everything such as life and society itself. I seem to think more clearly in my own garden in my own secret garden. Where in this area everything happens with no problems what is so ever, food supplies never run out nor the too water that I drink are always feeling as pure as gold.

In my own secret garden I feel that rule the world like the king of the world as when I am in my own secret garden I always live life to the fullest as age everyday is growing as of everyday passes by. However, the truth to that is of that I feel younger than I really am as of now today. I have to believe that I have found the fountain of my own. My own very special water and my food that I consume when I am there is fresh as the Fountain of Youth.

I come up with better thoughts of myself as I lay down in the deep tall grass and the flowers. The bees are pollinating the flowers above my face but they never sting me. Blood sucking insects such as for example Mosquitoes are very non-existent just extinct from existence as I am in my favorite place to be, at my very own Secret Garden,

Every night fall I look up towards the sky count the stars in dark night sky for my own entertainment cause out here there is no radio signal no cell phone signals to reach or to dial but I’m happy anyways as this is my own personal secret garden.

I am in my secret garden and every drink I drink from the fountain of youth tastes just as pure as the best and most expensive wine in the entire world. I feel like as being the luckiest person in the world as of when I am in my secret garden. I feel as being a king of the world as that I rule the world like it was my oyster, I can accomplish everything, and it is possible to do so, to accomplish everything to which then I would say Mission complete always.

It has easily to make me happy when I have not had a good or so wonderful day as I then again, start on going back to my own secret garden where I get my own perfect days back. I let the atmosphere take hold of me, control my senses, and let all my days that were bad to become into good ones. In my secret garden, I feel as always being in a dream and that dream is a dream to that must have looked to come true whenever I go to my personal sweet as candy, my secret garden.

My secret garden is like a wishing well whenever I wish for something such as a car, and other things I will get it. In my secret garden, there is always someone for me every time I come to my garden a women waits for me and she sits down in flowers at the secret place of my own secret garden. When I come to the women in the secret garden I walk and float over as a dazed daydream on the way though the secret garden. When I daydream I always find myself sleeping underneath the flowers taking long whiffs of the flowers and here the weather is always a beautiful day and I always say to myself “what a wonderful world and what is a beautiful day” in this day dream.

When I meet her, she asks me a question of what brings you here?

I would always tell her It must be a day dream and I always sleep underneath flowers which every time I am done sleeping underneath the flowers I always feel that I have been sleeping for hundreds of hours and also always say then too wow it is always a beautiful day. The way of thinking and commonsense becomes a daydream when I am sleeping underneath the flowers. In addition, always feel that have been sleeping and walking for hours always saying what a wonderful way and what a wonderful day in my own space of secret places. I always come to where somewhere she waits for me in the tall grass and the tall flowers this place. Where she goes is like a daydream as she tries to approach me in somewhat unusual way more like a floating walk or moon walking kind of way. It always seem to be a dream to me as it is a day dream where sleep underneath the tall grass and the flowers and time goes by like as hundreds of hours, and I always tell her always “what beautiful day” And repeats right with me what I had said as a “what a wonderful day.” When ever I feel that could of not had a good and nice day I always come to my own secret garden and I repeat this all over again in the same order, all in order to start all over again in my own Secret garden.

The End

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