The Broken Window

Unlike the first one called Speak and Speak some more which was a story of boy meets girl with themes of Love, Romance, and Fantasy. This new one is called 'A Broken Window' and just as like the Speak and Speak some more this is still in the themes of love, romance, and fantasy. But the differences between that story a...nd the one being realeased 'A Broken Window' is that this is made up with 11 different metaphoric poems. And it some what ties into reality that I live in. You should begin to c

Leave in Silence

I walked over to your house because something told me to do so. I knew you possibly needed me or possibly wanted me by your side for somewhat ever reason I that would not I would possibility know about. Maybe you wanted to hold me kiss me, and you wanted me too to do the some things to like hold you kiss you possibly now or very soon. That is why the only reason I am at your place sitting down staring into the deep deep space of my mind and the night. You told me that we could have been more than friends, which my heart fluttered every time you have said that you wanted me, but should I even believe this for myself or do I need someone else to believe this for me?

I know you must be thinking about other guys other than me, but can you make a rain check on that cause I don’t know anything much but only of that I want you, and only you. Now I am just sitting down on a chair on your front porch just waiting for you, and only you. To come back into my arms into my arms with no struggles and no resentments to come back to me again, But I know I am the guiltiest one here. I feel like that I am guilty but I cannot figure out why I might be guilty about. Sometimes when I wake up, I just fall down and feel like after falling down and standing myself on back up on my both two feet I am still feeling like that I am still falling down into a hole that is impossible to and could not possibly climb out of.

I think I am guilty only because only you and I at the time were the closest of friends and that we were like this for a long time like period of almost five years. When I first met her, we did not know each other cause she was two years younger than me and too young for me, at this time, but I still liked her. I didn’t know why, but what for I didn’t know as that I over heard from her older sister that her younger sister liked me, but is it because of something else that came from the within of me that I can control but couldn’t. Then she was now older old enough that I started to have felt those feelings for her I wished her a happy birthday, I then gave a movie choice she liked and we went to the movies together with a few of your friends of yours. When I went to Disney world that so called happiest place on the face of the planet I sent you pictures and messages on my phone to you and no one else. When you were worried that I was hurt when the trains collided with each other in the middle of mid-night on the forth of July ‘Independence Day,’ I was glad that the people all-round in your family were wondering about me even through I was just fine as can be. Because I knew that any second for some reason that I knew I was going to be in your heart and your arms might grasped and around me.

I came back to my home to my dog soon dying and I was down and you showed me compassion from your inter parts of your heart that I have never ever seen before. In addition, when I heard that one of your family members had a close heart attack that was almost fatal I felt scared because this was only after two days after my dog dies. Nevertheless, I told you the same as you did to me, which brought you, comfort and thus told yourself in your head that I have compassion for you. Therefore, you wanted then to reward me as to taking me places that I have never ever have been or heard about, places I can only dream of at the times of sleep. My feelings could not resist no longer so then came September. I wanted to tell you something so I decided to come to your house and tell you how I felt and can we be little more than your friend but your boyfriend. However, every time came over you were at home but I would not have the guts ever to tell you at all. When I came to the point that I had the guts to tell you so, that I like you more than I like a friend of and to call me your boyfriend, and me to call you my girlfriend it was too late. Therefore, you and me were then quickly were over as rain pouring down on a gasoline tanker on fire it was just too late for me too late.

For my own consequence for you and me afterwards we never talk anymore. Which has only started a cold war on me and I know that I have started and I am sure losing badly. I hope that someday that we could get back together lay down our arms, and our heads as being in use of weapons. In addition, let us end this cold war between us before it is ever more too late if possible. That is all that I ever wanted If I have to admit that, I am wrong as can be and admit to anything as to being guilty. As well I would not blame you at all, I would not blast at you giving you the blame because I am the only the one to be blamed for all of this. Thus causing my own imprisonment of myself and telling you that I wanted this to be more than friends I deserve all of this of what ever you bring to me.

The End

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