The Broken Blessing

This is a short poem I wrote. I got the idea from a poem I'm studing at school called 'Blessing' By Imtiaz Dharker about other cultures and the lack of water in places like India etc, who don't have the things that we have.

Things always break,
At one time or another,
Things to be expected,
Broken glass, broken bones,
Things not so much,
Broken hearts, broken skin,

Imagine the dryness of the lips,
The cracking of the skin,
The loss of energy,
The loss of water,
The rush of villagers,
Where the tiniest drop,
Is of good fortune,

The soaring temperatures,
The miles of travelling,
The struggle to survive,
The unbearable dehydration,
The fight to live and work,
The fight for water,
Unwilling to give up,

Luck is kind,
Luck is of good fortune,
Luck is a blessing,
A Blessing to love,
A Blessing to Live.

The End

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