The Brightest Star 'Ode to a Hero'Mature

A poem about a soldiers widow, struggling to keep life normal for her little girl, while also struggling with the loss of the man she loved and lost.

The Brightest Star  'Ode to a hero'

I tip-toed towards the bedroom door.
Another day was gone.
I tucked my daughter up in her bed.
And had sung her a bedtime song.
I put my hand on the handle with care.
And gently turned out the light.
When a tiny voice behind me said.
"Mummy, where's my Daddy gone tonight?"

A little body had sat back up.
Tears sliding down her face.
"Mummy, he's not coming home, ever again,
Daddy is in another place"
I held my daughter close to my breast.
As together we quietly cried.
For I had lost the man I loved.
And my daughter, her daddy, her pride.

"No, my darling, I whispered soft.
But Daddy would not want you to cry.
I'll show you where your Daddy is,
Come, let's look at the night-time sky".
She snuggled up close to my neck.
As she gazed at the glittery sky above.
"Your Daddy is the brightest star you can see,
And he is sending you all of his love"

"Your Daddy was a soldier you see,
His job was to fight a war.
One day when you are all grown up.
You'll know just what it was for.
"So, don't you let Daddy see you cry.
Although he will understand.
Be sure to wave to the brightest star you can see.
And the twinkle will be his hand"

"So, hush, my darling, close your eyes.
And dream of your Daddy's love.
For he will send it to you all of the time.
From his place in heaven above"
I stepped out into the garden.
And stared at the stars in the night.
I whispered,"I will love you forever.
I am proud to have been a soldiers wife"

The End

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