The Steel Wall

He broke down my brick wall
Left a wide open space in it
I thought I would not be able to repair it
And I was right, it can not be repaired
It is too big a hole

So I must create a new wall
A wall that is impenetrable
A wall of steel
That surrounds my every thought
So there is no possible way he can enter

I will build this wall with nothing but my two hands
Nothing but my two hands, and my mind
I refuse to receive help from any person
I am building this wall on my own

That way nothing can destroy me
He will walk up to a wall with not one scratch
A wall with no flaws found anywhere
He will not be able to enter ever again

He will beat on my wall
Begging me to let him in
Crying out for my mercy
But he shall never receive it

I can not hear him through my wall
My ears will not hear the noise of his pitiful voice
For you see, my wall is sound proof

Even if I wanted to let him in
If I felt a weakness in my heart
I could not do it
I would not even know about it

This is how I want things to stay
I do not want to hear one word from him again
I do not want to see his face
I do not want to smell his scent
I choose to stay ignorant to it all

I choose to stay on the other side of my steel wall
Where I can not hear him
Where I can not see him
While he forever bangs on my wall with all his will
He will be standing there forever, and he will never be let in 

The End

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