Just Want to Know

Just Want to Know

He has shaken me to the core
And he has not even done anything to me
This is how much power he has over me

How can I possibly rid myself of him?
How can I when it is my fault?

I continue to do this to myself
Stare longingly at photos of him
Wishing I had him back
Being held in his arms

Sending him messages, filled with hope
Only to be crushed when I see he has not responded
Just wanting to see written words that have come from him
Wanting to speak with him once more, after all this time

Just wanting to know if the feelings I felt he shared with me
I just want to know that what we had was real
And not some sick twisted joke  

But these are things I will never know
As much as I desperately want to know
How can I when he will not respond to me?

Will I go on wondering?
Wondering forever what he felt
Wondering why our love did not last

I must stop torturing myself like this
But I do not know how to stop
So I guess I will wonder forever
Always keeping these questions in my mind
And never knowing the answers to them  


The End

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