The Brick Wall

after building a mental wall against someone, they slowly creep back in, once again invading your mind.

  The Brick Wall

the brick wall against him is slowly caving in
and he begins to crawl in through the cracks
weakening it piece by piece
slowly but surely he gains on me

all of my defenses gone
nothing to beat him with
as he invades my mind once again

I try to fight him back
keep him outside of the brick wall
but I am useless against him

so instead I just recede into the darkest corner I find
hoping that he will somehow pass me by
as if I am not even there

I stare at him with wide eyes, motionless
not daring to breathe a single breath
terrified of making any movement
for fear he will destroy me again

I tense as he looks around and tries to find something
searching, searching, searching
will he find my last safe place?

he heads back out of the interior
no trace left of him 
except for my fast beating heart

I mentally sigh, relieved he did not find me
this is not the end though
he will be back for me
forever searching
forever searching until he breaks me down again

he is gone temporarily
but my brick wall is breached
so much easier to crawl back in unnoticed
my solid brick wall is no more

The End

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