The Brackens

Betrayed by the one you loved

Do you remember the Brackens

We went there when we were young

That was our secret place

Me and you had so much fun

That's where the woods are winding

And the tall tall trees

The earth went on forever

At least that's how it seemed

I could smell the earth around me

Hears the owls within the trees 

Tiny animals scurrying around beneath the fallen leaves

Do you remember the Brackens

Sky so clear it seemed

On my back counting stars

As happy as could be

So young we were solid

I so full of hope

Playing beneath the moonlit sky

The stars they did elope

Do you remember the Brackens

As I do every day

My face pushed down into the mud

The mice and deer decay

The thorns that cut into my back

My sore and bloodied knees

The rotting leaves within my mouth

Beneath the dying tree

The horrible way you took me

The way you made it hurt

Ripping through my insides

Cutting through my thoughts

I remember the Brackens

I think of those woods each day

I'm still trying to build a life

To keep the mind at bay

I remember that you loved me once

Up on top of the hill

I remember that you abused me once

And your friends did too

Do you remember the Brackens

I really hope you do

The way you gave me to your friends

To do with me their will

Them shouting and cheering in my face

Pouring vodka down my throat

Pulling at my underwear

After ripping off my clothes

I felt their hands all over me

Shoving in my hair

As they pulled my head back

And had their way right there

The insides of me did curl up

I closed my eyes real tight

As they entered my inner parts

And bashed away all night

Do you remember the Brackens

The place we used to go

The place that we are at right now 

Just further up the road

Now I have your attention

Your eyes are right on me

With your knees down in the dirt

I'm going to make you see

You didn't completely shatter me

Just winded me a while

As you see I got back up

Hunted you down have I

Although it haunts me everyday

I'm better than I was

I got up out of bed

To kill all of you off

Now that your in front of me

Five years down the line

I need for you to listen

Listen carefully this time

I was not your puppet

Never yours alone

What you did to me was evil

So your never make it home

Please don't look at me like that

I'm not the first to lie

You doing the same as your friends did

I see your gonna cry

Now be a good boy and open up your mouth

And look at me real nice

This is how dead leaves taste

With a bullet through your brain

The End

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