A Narrative poem

Mat was at the sea

Enjoying and feeling free

the wind touched  his face

he walked slowly, with no pace


Suddenly, a bottle from the sea swept to his feet

With happiness he almost leaped

The bottle looked so old

It had a lot of mold


He picked it up, excited

Feeling his body lighten  

He dreamed of a map that lead to a treasure

That would give him a life full of pleasure


Or maybe a note that says: "save me please"

And he will of curse  be a savior with ease

And the world will know of his braveness

And praise him for his greatness


So he opened the bottle, shaking

And took out the paper with no breath taking

Spread it in front of his eyes

To look at its fool size


But then into tears he burst

Once seeing the blank paper, he curst

And realizing his brother's belittling smile

And all his friends screeching with laughter that was heard from a mile.


The End

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