The BottleMature

a bad habit we all may encounter, not necessarily thru my theme, but we all have a method of coping with reality

I laid down last night with an itch

Not on a std tip

Rather on some figurative shit

I was riding one of those

"roll that shit, light that shit, pass that shit" trip

But i was swerving for more then just a feeling of unfit

I was aiming more for a sedated bit

So i jumped on that "crack that shit, pour that shit"

bottle to the lips type tip

Now im swimming in a sea of bliss

Oh how i missed the taste of all of this

Thus making me a risk to all those in my midst

but fuck em cause im twist.

I must admit however blunt that it is

That ive become this shit

In hinds sight there really is no quit

No pause, no wait a minute.

“its why u babysitting over two or three shots,

Lemme show you how to turn it up a notch,

First you get pool full of liquor then you dive in it”

Best said by kendrick and my backstroke is hectic.

Call me an alcoholic but fuck it, this is my iceberg tip.

This is where im at in this life shit.

When life gives you lemons,

Pour some salt on your hands landing strip

Lift your tequila shot glass to your lip

Indulge in that shit and squeeze that lemon to its pit

Then tell me you don’t love this.

The End

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