Chapter IV: Blood Rain

The rain fell from darkened clouds,
She walked alone,
From nowhere,
Going nowhere.

The rain ran through her veins,
Diluting her life source,
Beating through her heart,
A dying drum of war.

She wore a cloak,
Of dying stars,
Dead dreams,
And Lost memories.

She wandered across ghostly dunes,
Surrounded by ghosts of glamour,
Melancholy poltergeists,
A dying essence of endless humanity.

The crash of midnight waves,
Against echoes of war,
Tears of a thousand souls,
They fell from the twilight skies. 

It washed the blood from her hands,
Darkness from her soul,
But it could never wash the chaos that plagued her mind,
Because in the rain, no one knows you're crying. No one knows your heart is bleeding.

No one knows you are dying inside.

'Her hands are rinsed of all men's crimes...How blind.' - Deadsy

The End

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