The Boab TreeMature

Hi, this poem is from Austrailia. It' the best film ever! I can tell you.
It's great :)
There's a lady called Sarah Ashelly and this dude called The Drover.
Or The Drove.
He's awesome.
Anyway there's a song called The Boab Tree it's on Youtube.
It's awesome. And very beautiful. You have to hear it.
My favourite song ever.
I would put it on, here, but I can't.
As this isn't youtube, but is apsaloutly awesome as a writting website.
But anyway I'm talking alien h

The Boab Tree

The sun set, shone down on what was called the tree of love.
The magic of the night.
As such a beautiful sight shone down, a lady of the a different land.
Of what I've heard her name is love and her song is like over the rainbow.
A man of many wonders and talents, a rider of the stars, rode fast down a rode of sand and set his sight on the love.

A moment passed as the two lovers stared. There eyes full of pation and tears.
Each one had a lover and lost over a flicker of a hand.

The lovers kissed for over some time.
The lady with magicaly woven hair, shone bronze or gold in the fire of the sky.
The man who's name is Drove. Ran his eyes over the sun.

Knowing that this was the night to laugh and cry, with joyful and sad tears.
The Boab Tree shone golden green, with it's rays of shining leaves.
Brought down a single loving hand, to the two lovers faces.

Understanding what was happening they laughed and touched each others faces, and kissed again. For lovers first flight.

A story was told of the Boab Tree, the lovers first kiss, rang through the fire night.
Children and adults ran outwards to awake the morning light.

As this story continues the first flicker of light shone down.
And as this story goes. Love and passion are always one, and is never separated or broken.

The End

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