The blue roseMature

Something dedicated to Cole of 'Falls Apart' And to my real life best friend Cole, you inspire me more than you know :)

 Your blood is still stained into the carpet of this old apartment,

The dry wall's still broken from all the fights,

Your tears still cover the pillow sheets,

A testament to a God you were screaming to,

Who wouldn't listen.

And now I can see the broken glass strewn across the ground,

A picture of your old life laying there on the floor.

And on your mantle there's the blade that ended it all,

And now I can hear the screams that haunted your nightmares,

I can feel the hands that ripped away innocence from you.

And now I can feel my heart breaking off any self pity for myself,

I have it all and look where you are now.

In a hospital room with all these machines making sure you still endure hell,

You whisper softly,

"I don't blame you for this,"

"I've found my peace, The one who I prayed to is listening."

" And as I  lay dying I can finally live."

As you slip away from this world into peace,

I realize you were something special,

You were a blue rose,

In a world full of grey.




The End

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