The Roof Jumpers

If ever I asked my grandfather

What it was about Paris that made him smile,

He would reply: 

“The Roof Jumpers, my dear"


I'd sit and listen for hours on end,

To his tales of days in Paris.

When the world breathed carefree,

And the Roof Jumpers ran.


"They lived in the sky,

To them, up was down."

He'd tell me,

With a twinkle in his eye.


"And all the day long,

When the sun was orange

And the moon was blue,

They'd stand, silhouetted against the sky."


I saw them in my head,

They who lived on the rooftops,

And traversed by flight,

And danced in the night.


I saw them,

And made my grandfather promise,

To take me to see them,

To allow me to be them.


But he laughed and patted my head,

And told me

"One day you will,

You'll see my dear."


And I waited and waited,

And then one day.

My grandfather left.


He didn't come back,

And although I missed him a lot,

I knew that he'd gone

To be with the Roof Jumpers.


And one day I'd be with them too.

The End

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