Mind Magician

People say words are alive,

But they're just ink on paper,

Text on a blank document. 

So can we call it that? 

Or just from our minds,

To explain that they are not alive,

They make us feel alive.

Or maybe they don't,

Perhaps they just conjure up pictures,

Like a magician conjures tricks.

Mind Magicians. 

And are there really different styles of writing?

Or just text we see differently. 


Is rhythm in our heads. 

Stories are not.

But they could be? Poetry can tell a story,

But so can pictures.

What's the difference really?

Maybe to someone who cannot read, 

Words mean nothing.

It is the mind, the imagination, 

That is alive. Words just provoke chain reactions.

People say words are alive.

If you believe it.

I believe them.

The End

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