One Day

One day I changed my mind and stopped,

Stopped thinking, talking and just stood.

For I realised in the time gone by

I should have waited and just looked.

I didn’t move, I didn’t speak,

And the less I spoke, the more heard,

The more I heard the more I learned,

The more I learned the more I knew.

People came and people went,

But I just watched them on their way,

I heard their voices, saw their ways

But didn’t move, and didn’t stray.

But then it seemed to change,

It seemed too fake,

And the more I saw, the less I knew,

The less I knew, the less I cared.


All I had seen, all I had learnt,

Did not matter anymore.

And I shook my head, and cleared my thoughts,

And I continued on my way.

The End

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