The serpent's eyes

As walls fell down, came down and round

And blood was spilt, and soaked the ground.

As ravens cried, for what was lost,

The earth did close in mighty frost.

The sky darkened, the clouds decayed

For those who'd fought aback had paid

And though the darkness, as if a shroud

Could not drown out what had been vowed. 

And if the words spoke forth with grace 

Could not still the beating race

They swore an oath to turn away

And call the thundering force to stray.

Past thought of all that could have been said

To fill the hearts of lions with dread,

The path shall change, and Hell would rise 

Reflected in the serpent's eyes.

To stand alone is not to stand

But mere to claim another land.

When all is lost, and all is fell

Shall then be given unto Hell.

The End

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