Believing that we are not worthless

Quick disclaimer: the style of this poem is not my own creation, but the words themselves are my own work.


Believing that we are not worthless.

It will never come, and one day soon we will start

Destroying ourselves, but that day,

We will have no choice, we have begun

Our final stand- That is what people will say, that

We are taking up

A task too impossible. 

And that trying to salvage the wreck we have become, is 


All we are doing, telling ourselves that we are not

becoming a generation worth living for, and that is

a generation of heartless people. We are


Giver-uppers,people who aren't able to do anything more than start

to ignore

our moral beliefs, from now on, we will be able

To begin re-discovering

our traits of hate and cruelty. 

We cannot listen to 

the people who have faith in us. We will not,

Make space for

Love, kindness, happiness. We can only 

try and fight for what we need, being able to enthuse 

defeat. Having the power to

money, darkness, they are things we will 

hold in our hearts.We do not rely on 

the last drop of good in the world that is still there, and 

we will try to see, 

hatred, corruptness, war,  things we have but do not need.

We will try our best to ignore,

The fact that there is hope.

(Now please read from bottom to top)

The End

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