All I need

All I need

Is all I am

Yet all I can’t have

Is what I want

The only thing that matters

Is the truth that can't be told.

Stuck here,

In this place 

Where it’s dark,

And the world won’t make sense,

The writing, on the walls,

Tells tales, a thousand years old.

The voices, they're quiet

Yet they know I’m here,

But they won’t speak to me,

Alike they did before.

And on the breeze,

That’s stale and cold,

From far away, a place I was,

Comes music.

The music that you sang

A thousand hundred walks away,

I know the struggling,

The sorrowful sigh,

Why bother, why try,

When accomplishment,

Is a word that no longer applies.

I pick the flower,

The petals wilt now,

But I do remember,

Less I'll say I'd never forget,

The time when it bloomed,

With gossamer petals,

And leaves of ivory,

And I hold it in my hands,

The stem is a memory,

The dew leaking out,

And the petals drop,

With the cry of a fox.

The End

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