I don't understand,

Do you really see me,

As the endless names you call me?

And if, so to speak,

I did do you wrong,

Tell me how, tell me what, tell me when.

Yes, I am scared,

And yes, I will cry,

But does nothing I say or do,

Change the pattern of your cruelty?

The more things you call me,

The more I believe them,

Yes, I'm useless, I'm weak, I'm a failure.

Something small,

Nagging at my brain,

Tells me I should stand up,

Should fight back

But I won't,

I know I won't.

Instead, I'll look down

I won't deny it,

I'll take it, embrace it,

And maybe, I'll hope

It'll stop,

As I've hoped,

Every day

For years.

The End

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