The bright blue bird

The bright blue birds,

Fly like bright blue blurs,

Their shocking shades fly,

Against the bright blue sky.

But the bright blue birds,

They are quite absurd,

For they only mainly feed, 

On the shiny silver seed!

But the shiny silver seed,

Comes from shiny silver weeds, 

And living quite close by,

Is a creature slick and sly.

Hidden in the water,

Sleeps the oily orange otter,

And as you may have heard,

He only feeds on bright blue birds!

So for the birds to get the seed,

(which is something they quite need)

They have to sit and brood,

So they don't end up as food.

And the plan that they do hatch,

It is something of a catch,

As they swoop and swirl and climb,

Taking one seed at a time!

So the oily orange otter,

Although he's something of a plotter,

Finds not a meal today,

So he carries on his way.

The End

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