Poetry that I have come up with and shall keep adding to as time goes on. Enjoy!

I know you barely remember me,      

but still I sit here waiting, waiting, waiting


The seconds, minutes, hours tick by,

the face of the clock is laughing, laughing, laughing 


The tap in the hall, remains unfixed

the drips are my blood, bleeding for you. Dripping, dripping, dripping

The loudest noise of my life now,

Is the silence, silence, silence

That you left behind, 

along with flowing memories, memories, memories

But no one is here to care,

I am the only one who suffers loss, loss, loss

My life, a black vortex,

It leaves me tumbling, tumbling, tumbling

No one notices,

That I remain here, fading, fading, fading

I know you barely remember me now,

But still I sit here waiting, waiting, waiting.


The End

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