The Blackness WithinMature

The blackness consumes me again,

The hopelessness is all I feel within.

I'm just a burden to those I love, 

Eternally cursed by the creator above. 

I just want it all to end,

My life consumed by someone else's sin. 

Cursed to the tenth generation, 

By a God that views it all as fun.

Sent his only begotten son, 

To die on Earth... for no one.

Thinking of making it all stop,

By making my own heart rate drop.

A six inch cut

Is all I need to get out of this rut.

Nothing's stopping me except a lack of guts. 

A worthless, pathetic, cowardis all I'll ever be. 

Nobody in this world really needs me.

Served my country in their war over there,

Now I've got no one to help in my war here.

For my war is internal,  only in my mind,

No one to stop the pain, to help ease what is mine.

I've brought nothing to my family,

No kind of gain.

Only sadness, anger, and pain.

They'd be better off if I weren't around...

Maybe then they'd gain some ground.

This is my only release,

Writing words on paper for no one to see.

Maybe they'll have peace,

when I finally let blackness consume me...

The End

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