The Black Rose

I wrote this to make it sound like a story. How it turned out surprised me.

The black rose grows

And sings in the wind

Shows for the first year.

Yet as the equinox shows and comes

The rose starts to disappear


As it starts to vanish

The royals start to wonder why

So they get who they can to answer the questions everyone wanted

But as they tried no one could figure

This complicated riddle

Until a small child, simply said

Hate is the cause of so much,

You must be blind not to see


But she was just a child

So the royals just told her off

As the year continued on

As time went by

The field once filled

With the flower so black

And full of beauty

Only one rose was left


As the royals came to pray

By the rose

They saw the child

That gave them that warning

A year before

Lying beside the withering rose

With an arrow in her

And a note covered in red


And as they opened the blood soaked page

They read

Hate is the cause of destruction

So I take, away the rose, once cherished

And replace it by a rose

That is the colour of my blood

 So you shall always remember

The death you have caused

Because you couldn’t see

Something as simple as thee

I give you this flower to remember the love you have lost

And might never receive again


They dropped the soaked sheet

And fell to their knees

As they saw

The black rose, wither and die

And turn into a red rose

Filled with the hate they have caused.

The End

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