The Birthday Party


The supermarket aisles

Overflow with beckoning,

Crinkly bags of snacks and candy.

This is not my element!

I’d rather be in the health food store

Safely surrounded by organic, whole grain and fructose-free

But the list says: three packs of chocolate wafers

Cake with icing too

It’s for a special occasion

I can’t believe this precious gem

Has been mine for two whole years.

Old enough to name the content of each sparkly bag-

“Bamba! Chips! Candy too!”

I can imagine him declaring with glee-

I am in awe! How

Can one so young know and understand

So much of this world?

“Here’s Ima” he declares out of the blue, pointing

Offering a kiss and a caress

The rule in his day care is:

No parents at birthday parties.

I hope they take good pictures

Ones that will show my son’s

Sweet face shining with joy

As he is wished well by other circles

Beaming down at the cake with icing

His Ima sent for her big boy.




The End

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