The Birds

Still behind by one, with about half a month to go. I do find it interesting that some people see a difference between the 'quality' of these that I simply don't see...

The Birds

Such noise outside my window

A Babel filled with chirps

or is it terrorist chatter

or cries of 'worms below'

or strategic plans to usurp

the Cardinals at the feeder

They're beautiful or plain

some strange evolution

genders marked for battle

or blending in within the grain

or easy mate selection

or gilded cage to rattle

It's hard to picture dinosaur

covered all in feather

was it just some food source fail

or some huge meteor

or dramatic shift in weather

that changed their girth and scale

It doesn't really seem to  matter

I see it in their eyes

their desire to return

To feast! To gorge! To grow much fatter!

To evolve to former size

and watch the humans learn

To sing in cages

and beg for scraps

and fly south for the winter

insects as wages

no need for maps

ever searching just for dinner

The End

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