The Billboard Jesus

There stands a billboard Jesus

With his eyes turned to the sky

Crying to his father

Whose truth rejected for a lie

The man in the pulpit

Incased in his stone tower

Shouts and screams of damnation

With a mighty fist of power

The familiy's who believe in God

And want live his ways

Have left the congregations

Disollusioned and led astray

The gold plated trinkets

That come from the holy lands

Will never be found in these sinners hands

These family's come under labels

And they are not welcomed in

Heavy burdened and labeled

Hands steeped in sin

They don't know this Jesus

The TV preachers portray

Or do they know this Jesus

found in most churches today

Although they may not know this Jesus

They know who he is not

The Jesus these families believe in

Has been rejected and forgot

The End

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