The Betrayal of White

The color I felt the closest to was white,

I would make sure it went wherever I would go.

I would walk, displaying it with confidence,

I would be honored to wear white against my heart.

Even though others around me would warn me

To not acknowledge this color so often,

I still believed in white,

I kept the faith that it would make me happy.

But one day this color betrayed me,

I put it on and it did not look the same.

I tried to make it look the way I wanted to,

But it continued to make me feel horrible.

It was as if the white used me for its personal gain,

It would only like me long enough to be seen in public.

How do you continue to wear a color you felt so close to?

That you have loved for so long,

When all in one day it does not want to make you feel good?

Do you keep on wearing white as if nothing is wrong?

Or pretend that it looks the same way it did when I first put it on?

As if you feel great and still look absolutely wonderful?

Or do you just find another color,

Knowing that when you see white on you it will never be the same?

The End

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