The Beginning of the Start

My eyes ran across,
The words flowing on,
A broken minded heart,
The heart that was gone.

Tears welled up,
As I fell to the floor,
I just couldn't take it,
No, not anymore.

I felt a hand,
Laid on my shoulder,
One single strand,
Of hair so golden.

My eyes snapped wide,
As I looked up,
My heart had lied,
As nothing was there.

I was fading,
Descending in a spiral down,
My heart now grating,
A million small pieces.

I felt so broken,
Like a jagged rock,
My heart unspoken,
Like 'author unknown'.

Let me go now,
Let me slip away,
You know how,
I wish to leave.

I press a hand to my heart,
To end the beginning,
The beginning of the start.

The End

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