when her lover arrives

when her lover arrives

She smiles
pats the bed for him to sit down
she is dressed in a gown
that tells him she desires him

he smiles 
as she puts her hands about his frame
she does not know if she can tame the beast
his love never will cease

she is as he is
in love with thee 
is from above
she sends down her love

she holds me
in her hands
she is as a dove
as she sends down her love

she kisses him
and him her
her love is pure
she is secure

in her love for him
and he for her
she draws him in
as sweet as sin

   She smiles
the heat of her love
burns the candle of love
the light glistens to let the lover see

who she be
the song is love
that she sings
to her lover

she smothers the flame of desire
lets it burn into the night
what she offers is not slight
it is pure  she is sure

The End

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