love is what I do for you!

Love is What I Do For You!

Beautiful angel

that you be

you spread you gossimere wings and fly

and fly into the silken sky of blue

why for you are you

I spy an angel that you be

my tender heart yearns to be

with you

your delicate wings

spread and you fly

the song is of  love

that I hear as I draw near

It rises into the air

the air speaks of love

my love of thee

you have reached above

you are an angel;

I wish to love you


your form speaks to me of love

you are a dream

you are that a dream

the song carries with it the dream


you move as if a dream

you are as the air

intangible with out form

your heart speaks of beauty


you comfort me

gently mold your hands about me

to hold me

I am loved by this angel

The End

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