The dream

The dream

I have touched the heavens 

drew down an angel

which is you

I wish to coo

as the birds do

hear them coo

their song is sweet meldoy

that stirs the heart for thee

the angel looks at me and sees

a ma, she is a woman\

can that be 

an angel for me

She smiles

and looks at me

does not know

what I seek

she smiles,

my knees grow weak

she is a heavenly angel

My heart flutters like gosling


terrified to fall

from the nest

I will do my best

to gain this angel's happiness

She smiles

my heart takes wings

and flies into the blue sky

all the while she smiles

I do not know

how to say I love you

sweet lady

that awaits for me

I take thy hand

gently lay my lips upon you hand

as I say I love you

hand you the ring

that means so many a thing

but means but one thing

will you be mine

come rain or shine

Lovely angel

you hold me tight

in your arms

we see each other

The End

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