There she lay at rest

  • There She lay at rest
  • When she sleeps

    There is a gentle swelling of her breast

    They are like hills capped with pink

    From which a babe might draw milk


     They are nearly twins they lay upon her chest

    They draw the lover to her

    Like a boy or girl to the carousel

    To reach and achieve touching the brass ring


    These are things

    That a child loves

    Things that a lover dreams to touch

    To kindle the fire of desire


    Beauty is upon the slender waist

    But it is not all

    It speaks to thee

    Of being able to work out


    She twists and shouts

    To put the fire out

    The fire that grows with each time

    That her lover sees her


    She smiles and he is yours

    The delicate curve of her demur lips

    Upon which there sits 

    Scarlet for that is the color of her lipstick


    The slender eddy and flow of her delicate neck

    It and as I think, I said her lips

    Yearn to be kissed

    Do her ear lobs


    Her robe is covers her from neck to thigh

    I sigh as I look at my love

    She smiles at me,

     See only one thing desire


    You excite this guy

    I wonder why

    You are my love

    I wish I could smother you with kisses


    To say I love you 

    For that is what I do,

    You are true

    Let us begin anew.


    She smiles at me

    As I rain kisses upon her

    And as she does me,

    We are secure in our love

The End

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