the sun

  • its radiant beauty plays across
  • the beauty of the woman sun bathing
  • its brush makes the skin a soft brown
  • it excites this guy
  1. to see a woman allowing the sun play 
  2. across thy beautiful form
  3. the light glistens across her stomache and breasts
  4. beneath the bathsuit
  1. She looks so cute,
  2. your beauty allows the bird to sing
  3. they take wing
  4. to see beauty such as thee
  • I see an angel that you be,
  • glistening with oil
  • that is there to allow
  • it to kiss ones flesh
  • Velvety soft flesh,
  •  with its light that now glistens
  • like gold
  • it is not old
  • she licks her lips wantonly
  • those who see
  • know who you  be
  • she is wanton
  • with love for thee
  • she calms the see 
  • of brazeness
  • with a gentle kiss
The End

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