Eternal Beauty

  • Eternal Beauty
  • I see your hair as it falls
  • like a garland about your neck
  • it is filled with flowers 
  • that do nothing but radiate your beauty
  • Your eyes are blue as the radiant sky
  • you wonder why I love this lass
  • because you are you,
  • that is all you have to do
  • that is more than enough
  • your long lashes that adorn your eyes
  • shadow them with their weave
  • you smile and they conspire to show you
  • your full red lips
  • that are as delicate as a snow flake
  • they speak softly to my heart 
  • and make me think of our wedding day
  • you moisten them with your pink tongue
  • that glides and flows across them
  • I see your white teeth as it slides in
  • is it a sin to love someone as much as I do you
The End

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