the angel who you be

  1. The angel who you be
  2. Your form is a song
  3. that carries with it the dream
  4. which holds your heart
  5. in your lover's own
  7. the beauty that is thee
  8. must beleived to understand
  9. the love that someone feels
  10. towards another
  12. love is what we all do
  13. love is what we do to woo
  14. the one we love
  15. your form is a dream
  17. your silver wings rise upon thy shoulders
  18. they are as your golden hair
  19. your halo is about your head
  20. you are loved
  22. beauty that you be
  23. you are a song
  24. that carries with us to dream
  25. of hope and love
  27. the angel that you be
  28. she is a dream
  29. that I see
  30. believe you are loved
The End

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