delicate shape and form

  1. Delicate shape and form
  3. she moves as if she is a whisp of smoke
  4. her body seems  to be that of a ghost,
  5. you hear not a sound
  6. when her feet touch down
  8. She looks at you
  9. and smiles
  10. your heart soars
  11. to the heavens
  13. is she an angel
  14. delicate as silk 
  15. and her form
  16. is yours as you love her
  17. she allows you to breath the sweet necture
  18. she be
  19. she hold you in a dream
  20. that can not be real but is
  22. she is as elusive as a the dream
  23. you have of her
  24. falling  into your arms\
  25. she has her charms
  27. she holds the heavens
  28. in her command
  29. she is like water
  30. it can not be held
The End

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