The beauty of a woman of my dreams

  • The Beauty of a woman of My Dreams,


  1. She smiles 
  2. my heart goes wild
  3. desire folds its arms about me
  4. I conspire
  6. I wish for her soft sensual lips to kiss
  7. mine she is as a drop of wine
  8. It is very neat
  9. she is sweet
  11. she is as hot as a fire
  12. it can not smother my desire
  13. to be with thee
  14. she winks
  16. my heart soars
  17. climbs into the sky
  18. I wonder why
  19. her blue eyes are sultry
  21. her lids are colored with the color
  22. that is her's dress 
  23. My heart protests 
  24. she has put me in duress
  26. when she wears the dress
  27. that shows of her wears
  28. her shapely legs with theur
  29. delicate curves she is demure
  31. I wish to be with thy lady
  32. I will d nothing shady
  33. I wish to be
  34. with thee




The End

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