beauty, what I see when I look at thee

Beauty, what  I see; when I look at thee

  2. You stir the pot
  3. as I serenade thee
  4. to set us free
  5. to be with thee
  7. you are an angel
  8. your words may be tart
  9. you are smart
  10. for that is your art
  12. you smile and cursty 
  13. as our children play
  14. do you not see
  15. what you do each day
  17. you are beauty
  18. that your love sees
  19. as he desires to be with thee
  20. he conspires to kiss thee
  22. you are as the rose
  23. vibrate and true
  24. for you are you
  25. your lover composes a sonnet for you
  27. your heart is true
  28. that is why the sky is blue
  29. for there is only one of you
  30. you are true
  32. to love 
  33. those you do
  34. for you are you
  35. and you are true
  37. the guy who sees you
  38. does not know what to do
  39. he wooes you and you coo
  40. that is what you do
  42. you are true
  43. your heart is free
  44. to be with those you  choose
  45. you are the cue
  47. the roses petals are red
  48. we are wed
  49. in our hearts and minds
  50. be so kind as to give me a drop of wine
  52. you smile and I look at thee,
  53. do not see
  54. me.
  55. for you be true



The End

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