The Beast in the Yellow Cape

You should be more cautious, little antelope...

Wandering the plain,
The breeze seems calm,
A drink from a river,
Should do no harm.

Hooves step quickly,
On the sun-lit ground,
Nose sniffs the air,
As water is found.

It stops to observe,
The place it once drank,
The area seems safe,
So it approaches the bank.

Patience is crucial,
Safety should come first,
But the creature was young,
And overwhelmed by thirst.

Ears perked up high,
Head lowered to drink,
It was knocked off it's feet,
In less than a blink.

There was no escape,
No matter how much it pushed,
Then it lay still,
As it's neck was crushed.

The creature was dragged away,
It's mouth fell agape,
It had lost the battle,
To the beast in the yellow cape.

The End

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