The Beast In MeMature

The beasts under the bed were only the beginning, the closet was stage two, the shadows were next, then came the windows, but they always got over us, now we are back, forget the beasts under the bed, the beast is finally here for revenge......

The floor boards creak

The room starts to wreak

The smell of fear

Is potent here


Claws scrape the ground

Saliva starts dripping

The howl of the blood hound

Causes us to start writhing


The beast draws near

Attracted to the smell of fear

Blood thirsty with a sneer

It’s poison in your tears


Screams echo down the hallway

Your heart beats like drum

Your window is your last runway

There’s nowhere for you to run


The door slides open

The carpet muffles the sound

You notice the windows open

The beast is now astound


The claws rake your chest

Blood crimson red

You notice it’s done its best

But the beast was always dead

The End

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