The Beast

Two short poems from the perspective of the Beast from the well-known fairytale 'Beauty and the Beast'.

I, the beast with matted hair,

A heart as black a coal.

She, with her caring ways

Did touch my fractured soul.

And through her joyous laugh

I find a coloured heart;

For with each feature it ignites,

I see Beauty from the start.

Through the years we pass together,

Her face shall fall with age.

Beautiful, she shall remain;

For her heart will never change.


I hide away

With angry words of hate

I am Ugly

I am the beast.

Rage boils

It scare everyone away

I am Ugly

I am the beast.

A heart of coal

Thoughts, twisted with evil

I am Ugly

I am the beast.

She comes with sweet smiles

I wipe each one away

I am Ugly

I am the beast

But with gentle words

And a gentle touch

She gives me Beauty

I am more than a beast.

The End

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