The Beast

Lord of the Flies by William Golding is set in the beginning of World War III and tells the story of a group of schoolboys stranded on an island after their plane crashes. Some boys believe there is a Beast on the island and are afraid of it but it is later revealed that said Beast exists in all of them, that it is the embodiment of their evil side. As time wears on, the boys lose their civility and become more and more savage as the Beast within them grows. Eventually, two boys, Simon and Piggy

I’m the demon that dwells in your tenebrous cells
                beneath your consciousness

I creep and I lurk among the dismal murk
                eating your happiness

In your somber places I leave subtle traces
                of evil where I step

Your deepest thoughts I see because you are me
                though we’ve never met

You’re full of denial but my venom is vile
                and it runs through your veins

It pumps through your systems and makes you my victims
                as I corrupt your brains

With control of your minds, I plot and I find
                ways to make you all dance

To forgo your souls and in your chests leave holes
                as you succumb to the trance

With perfect congruence you’re under my influence,
                which is the most pernicious

For I am Lucifer and none are crueler
                and none so noxious

You chant of killing me but you cannot foresee
                your deaths in this mission

You see at the last moment that there’s no opponent
                and in that realization

It’s your throats you’re cutting, your blood that is flooding
                into the island sands

Young Simon is dying, the littl’uns are crying
                and it’s by your own hands

I’m the Grand Puppeteer and your short lives I steer
                till sinful wrong you do

Indeed Lord of the Flies, the Beastie am I
                though really I am you

The End

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