the barefoot renaissance


'tis tonic for a jaded, faded soul,

for a tattered heart, so frayed and over-worn,

this taking off of leather shoes and woolen socks,

to walk barefoot once again

through summer grass,

soaked in sunshine and random party-colored flowers,

the forgotten world of boyhood romps,

the energy of eternal play,

baseball games that never end,

times of chase and being chased,

these barefoot days,

when life is always, always young,

and days are dances to be sung,

through tufts of knee high meadow wheat,

to feel the earth once more beneath your feet,

to run the risk of wasp and briar,

in quest of something, something more,

the joy of knowing just once again,

what it feels like on barefoot toes,

on the bottom of one’s soles,

yes, what it feels like deep inside,

to be alive,

simply that,

to be alive.



The End

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